Fire & Emergency Services

Fire Department Two Way Radios

Stay Ahead of the Fire with Mission Critical Intelligence.

There is no job more demanding, dangerous or necessary than fire and emergency services. Working to keep the public safe in a wide range of situations is no easy feat, especially when you don’t have the right communication solution. For fire and emergency services, there is no better communication tool than Motorola radios.

When an emergency occurs, Motorola radios stand tough, allowing you to direct your team instantly and update them with the latest information necessary to protect the public. Wireless communications for fire and emergency services is the reliable way to keep your team safe and meet public need.

In emergency situations, information is constantly shifting, putting both your team and the public at risk. However, when you use wireless communications facilitated by Motorola, you’ll be able to give your team real time updates that will allow them to go we’re they’re needed to save lives. Wireless communications are the best tool for fire and emergency services.

When the going gets tough, wireless communications by Motorola gets going. While you’re working to fight fires or prevent emergencies, you shouldn’t have to worry about your communications. Employ wireless communications for fire and emergency services right away and you’ll see your success rates skyrocket while keeping the public safe and secure.

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APX Dual Radio
Whether you are responding to a fire call or rushing to a robbery or break in, ...
APX Transportable Base Station
  The APX Transportable Base Station is a rugged yet lightweight rapid de...
APX1000 P25 Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: APX1000
The APX1000 provides a complete and complementary look and feel to the APX fami...
APX3000 P25 Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: APX3000
Whether you’re an undercover officer or in special operations, you need to c...
APX4000 P25 Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: APX4000
The APX4000 delivers all the benefits of P25 technology in the smallest P25 Pha...
APX4500 P25 Mobile Two-Way Radio
Model: APX4500
The APX4500 brings together powerful technology in a compact, rugged, mobile radio...
APX6000 P25 Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: APX6000
Delivering outstanding performance in a lightweight form factor without sacrificin...
APX6000XE P25 Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: APX6000XE
Designed with extreme ergonomics and advanced features in a single-band, rugged fo...
APX6500 P25 Mobile Two-Way Radio
Model: APX6500
We’ve put exceptional flexibility into an advanced mission critical mobile r...
APX7000 P25 Multi-Band Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: APX7000
The APX7000 multi-band radio places instant interoperability into the hands of mis...
APX7000L P25 Multi-Band Portable Two-Way Radio with LTE
Model: APX7000L
Voice and data operations are becoming more common and necessary for public safety...
APX7000XE P25 Portable Two-Way Radio
Model: APX7000XE
We've taken safety to the extreme with the APX7000XE – our most advanced...
APX7500 P25 Multi-Band Mobile Two-Way Radio
Model: APX7500
The APX7500 multi-band radio delivers instant interoperability into the hands of m...
APX7500 P25 Multiband Consolette
Model: APX7500 Consolette
The APX7500 Consolette is the ideal complement to your dispatch console. It’...
ASTRO Digital XTL5000 Consolette
Model: XTL5000 Consolette
The XTL5000 Consolette is ideal for local law enforcement, utility and transportation u...