RCV Connect

RCV Connect can be your Back-Up System

RCV Connect can be programmed as a secondary zone on radios for users who want the peace of mind of system redundancy. We are offering this service at $4/radio per month for standby mode. This includes 1 wide area talkgroup with full system access. Other potential uses include special events, field trips, or other temporary wide area coverage needs.

Five minutes of testing per month is permitted at the backup rate, however, if the radios are regularly used on the network we will charge the standard rate for that month.

Not all radios are compatible with the RCV Connect Network. 
Contact your RCV representative today and ask about the Backup Radio plan. 

Radio Communications of Virginia is proud to offer one of the most expansive push-to-talk networks in central Virginia. Our RCV Connect system encompasses the Richmond Metropolitan area, the Tri-Cities area, and the Northern Neck, creating a wide push-to-talk area that will provide you and your business with consistent and reliable push-to-talk coverage. 

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*The coverage areas shown on the maps in this site represent approximate coverage areas.
For all wireless coverage, actual coverage may vary. Use this map as reasonable representation of coverage.


Digital Push-to-Talk Radios

Digital push-to-talk radios are an exceptional choice over cell phones and have many capabilities that make them the obvious choice when deciding on preferred means of communication in the workplace. 

Push-to-Talk Radios:

  • Help ensure privacy through a closed network
  • Have extensive battery life that supports intensive use for the length of a full work shift
  • Possess a wide array of safety features to protect workers
  • Are ruggedly built for work environments
  • Exhibit one-touch access for frequently used features

The voice capabilities of push-to-talk radios are far superior to cellular devices because of exciting features that are unique to digital radios

Some of these include:

  • Simple push-to-talk technology
  • Power of one-to-one and one-to-many conversations
  • Ability to send text messages from radio to radio
  • Instant communications
  • Safe “eyes on the road” capability due to hands-free features

Track It. Anytime, Anywhere.

Utilize our GPS Radio Tracking service to monitor your radios, vehicles and employees within our coverage area at all times. Our GPS service can help you achieve and maintain efficiency, accountability and productivity within your business. 


Here are just some of the useful features of our GPS Tracking Service:

  • Service is integrated into the push-to-talk radios
  • Track your team with 5-second updates
  • Easy-to-use web-based interface
  • Reports speed, location, and route
  • Can report on pre-determined triggers

If this service is something you are interested in, please call Radio Communications of Virginia to learn more today!