Rental FAQ

Radio Communications of Virginia Rentals

How far ahead of time should I reserve my rental?

The earlier the better. As soon as you have dates for your event, you should reserve your equipment. This will help ensure that the equipment is available for your rental when you need them.

**Last minute orders are subject to equipment availability**

Equipment and Accessories

All equipment comes standard with corresponding batteries, belt clips, chargers, power cables, and antennas. Any additional accessories (batteries, earpieces, and speaker mics) are an additional charge.


Standard programming will be provided at no additional charge, using RCV frequencies. If you have special programming requests, please contact the office directly to speak with one of our knowledgeable rental staff.  

Equipment Pick-up and Return

Office Hours are Monday – Friday (8am-5pm)

If you need a weekend rental, you must pick your equipment up the Friday before and return the following Monday. 

If you need the equipment to be shipped, you will incur the shipping charges. All equipment is sent via FedEx ground. A return label will be provided for you convenience.

There is a $20 courier service fee if you need RCV to deliver and pick-up equipment during the rental period.

All other rentals may be picked up (after 11 am) and returned (by 1pm) through-out the week.


Credit Card Payment is required when the equipment is picked up or shipped. Your card will remain on file until all equipment is returned. This card will be processed for any missing equipment, but will not be charged until we contact you.

Radio Coverage

Coverage all depends on where your event is located and what obstructions may be in the way. Motorola UHF 4 watt radios usually cover about 1 mile outdoors. Because of building construction, indoor coverage will vary. About 80% coverage in large Convention centers and about 15 stories above ground floor in hotels.