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Whatever your short-term needs are, Radio Communications of Virginia can get you where you want to be.

Security. Crowd Control. Seasonal Events. Convention Service. Construction Projects.

Receive convenient arrangements and reliable performance at Radio Communications of Virginia. We know that short-term communications requirements can vary greatly. And that sometimes, you may not even be sure of exactly what you need and for how long. So we designed our Radio Rental Program to meet a variety of communications requirements at prices that will not leave you speechless.

Fast, Dependable Service:

On a tight schedule? Call us today at 804-266-8999. We will answer any questions you have and arrange for your rental. Depending on your needs, you choose the delivery method that best fits the situation: customer pick-up, courier or air/ground shipping. The whole ordering process can take only minutes - and it can save you hours of headaches.

Accessories to Go:

Perhaps the best part about renting from Radio Comm of VA's Radio Rental Center is that everything is taken care of for you - including the accessories:

Single 1-hour chargers
6-unit chargers
Spare batteries
Speaker microphones
Belt clips

Expert Assistance and Support:

Along with reliable and quality equipment, you will get something extra, Radio Comm's experienced team of experts. We'll listen to your needs and design a system that meets your exact requirements to help your special event or project run smoothly, safely and profitably. We will follow-up to make sure you're completely satisfied. Total customer satisfaction is our goal.

Flexible terms:

You can rent equipment by the day, week, month or year.


All two-way radio rentals and equipment are maintained to ensure clear, fast, efficient communications, day after day. Most portables are rated for hazardous atmospheres.

One Stop:

No more hunting around to find the right accessories. We carry everything you need, including chargers, batteries, headsets, earpieces and more.