Software Support

Keep your MOTOTRBO Software Current

Radio Communications of Virginia now offers a Mototrbo Software Update plan to keep your TRBO radios up to date with the latest feature sets and most stable firmware. On average Motorola releases four updates to the TRBO platform per year. Some revisions make minor updates, while others provide major changes. These software updates resolve known issues as well as enable new features.

For instance in the latest software release (R2.6.3), Motorola has added indoor location tracking as well as Wi-Fi programming as operational features. RCV offers the software update plan for $3 per month per portable radio, and $6 per month for mobiles. This service provides one software update per year along with a preventative maintenance check on your radio.

Unsure if you have the correct software for your radio or system? Contact us today and our team will be glad to assist you!